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Before we meet...

Communication… will be done through my assistant until we meet. Her presence until our first meeting is imperative so I have the time needed to recharge and be fully present for our date.

Screening… Is non-negotiable. A copy of ID, work verification and references ( if available) will always be needed for new lovers. If you do not have references there are alternative methods for additional screening, simply inquire.

Deposit/Cancellation… A non refundable Deposit of  20 percent is due prior to our date. Cancellations do happen, and if you know you will need to cancel please let me know as soon as possible. A cancelation fee of 50 percent is required to remain in good standing with less than one  weeks notice. If canceling less than 48 hours in advance a cancelation fee of 80 percent is necessary to remain in good standing.  Full payment is required for all dates canceled with less than 24 hours notice. Confirmation… You will receive reminders 24 hours and three hours before our date.

During our date...

Communication… Iprefer to get to know someone face to face, so please no lengthy emails prior to our date. I always appreciate a sweet note here and there between dates but keep in mind that I am not always able to answer urgent emails as quickly as I would like.

Compensation… Please leave in an envelope in plain site at the beginning of the date. I would hate to spoil the mood by discussing something as dull as financials.

Consent… I’m a very open minded, kink positive girl but please always ask for consent before exploring the playground that is our sensuality.

Once we've parted...

Communication… I adore a sweet message now and again, and enjoy the lovely friendships I have developed along the way, but please keep messages between dates manageable so we have plenty to share with one another once we meet again.

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Blonde thin escort Los Angeles

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