Blonde GFE Escort LA

Sparks so Bright

Let’s get to know one another in the burst of intensity brought on by a brief encounter. Feel the sparks fly!

Available to select friends and lovers in Los Angeles or my favorite base cities. Exclusive to these engagements. Couples warmly welcomed to inquire.

Soaked in Sunshine...

Linger a little longer. Whether we connect over cocktails or delve deeper into the evening, let’s go beyond the surface.

Must include an activity beyond the bedroom. Share a meal, a yoga class, explore the oceanside, or catch a live show with me and let’s unravel each layer one at a time.

A Fire's Warmth

In pursuit of deeper places, let’s light our way with the sweetness of our connection. Our journey awaits!

Let’s go as far as the stars! Whisk me away for the weekend, or your midweek conference. Slip your hand into mine and let’s travel the world together!

Bespoke Travel

There’s little that excites me like being whisked away to parts unknown by people who genuinely want to connect. Should you want to have me delivered to your proverbial door, there’s a few things to note!

  • Flying me to or with you requires a minimum 12 hour booking.
  • A stipend of 600 dollars for west coast travel and 1000 dollars for east coast travel must also be included in addition to my consideration. 
  • I’ll need a current companion reference in order to travel with you if we haven’t met before.


The Fine Print


All dates require a deposit of 20%. Multiple payment methods offered. All deposits are non refundable. 


Should you need to cancel, you’ll need to do so 24 hours in advanced of our scheduled date to avoid the cancellation fee. Should you cancel with 24 hours or less notice, you’ll be expected to pay a fee of 50% of the total date in order to remain in good standing. 

Blonde GFE Escort LA

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