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Hello, Adventure-Seeker!

I’m so glad you found your way to my den of lust and light! I’m Fawn Coyote, a sensual kitten and kinky GFE escort in LA. There is also quite a bit of laughter to be had here… and we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. Stretch out, set your face toward the sun, and let’s go a little deeper, shall we?

Intimate expressions are as diverse as all the languages on Earth. There are many ways to communicate and experience intimacy with a partner or group. My approach to kink is sensual and covers a broad spectrum of expressive interests while aiming at achieving a bond between people who participate. For us, that will be a unique journey. Find out more about taking that journey with me.

Los Angeles is a town full of starlight and limelight, but I prefer the sunlight. Whether we pad our bare feet along the beach or I strap on my heels to dance the night away, I seek to honor the light within one another. Los Angeles dream lover, you say? Why yes, I’ll purr to that! I’m also available to bring the sunshine to you, with my wanderlust travel packages. The world is ours for the taking and we were born to fly! Curious about these offerings? Explore them below!

Yoga Retreats for Two: I am an avid yogi and enthusiastically embrace the value of intimacy in a shared yoga experience. Whether we decide to take a class together, or visit one of the many retreats around the world, I welcome you into a safe space to explore your inner yogi with me. View my Retreats page below for details on yoga retreats I would love to take with you!

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